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Timothy Smith

Timothy Smith

1:56 PM on Thursday, March 26, 2020   •   Edited

Lone Runner Challenge (#LRC2) Great Hill (#GreatHillRun)

The second Lone Runner Challenge (#LRC2) is all about running a Great Hill (#GreatHillRun). Later on in the series we will challenge you with steep hills, long hills and continuous hill, but this week you are just looking for a "Great Hill". It can be so steep your nose scrapes the asphalt in front of you, or so long you need to pack a lunch. It might be just have a curious name (could somebody explain to me the origin of "Grannyhand Hill" in Stratford?). Or it could just be that it has the most amazing view from the top!

After you run it, post it on Strava for the rest of us to enjoy. Tell us the name of your hill, post an elevation profile, explain the virtues of your chosen min-mountain. Post photos of you dancing in the sunshine on top (Saturday) or splashing in the rain (Sunday).

Just a reminder, as we enter mud season some of those trails aren't ready for foot traffic. Use your head and be good!

If I see you out on the road, I'll be keeping my distance. So tell me (and all of us) about it up close and in detail in your postings!

-Tim & Alex