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Alex Hall

Alex Hall

5:31 PM on Thursday, April 2, 2020

Lone Runner Challenge (#LRC): The Negative Split (#NegativeSplit)

Hello runners! For week three we're planning the Negative Split challenge. Originally we wanted to pick a specific distance, like a 5k or 10k, but ultimately we decided to leave it open ended; It can fit into your training plan regardless of where in the cycle you are. The challenge requires you to choose a route and distance, and run the second half faster than the first half. This can take multiple forms, so do what works with your training goals and seems fun to you. Maybe you want to Tempo 2 miles at half marathon race pace, followed by 2 miles at 10k race pace. Or you could do a classic Progression Run, where each mile you get progressively faster until you finish. What about running the same loop twice (getting faster, of course)? We also want to encourage good running hygiene, so any warm up and cool down won't count for the challenge. Can't wait to see what you do. As always, hashtag your activity and tell us about your adventure in the comments!