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Timothy Smith

Timothy Smith

3:12 PM on Friday, May 1, 2020

Lone Runner Challenge (#LRC): Around The Lake (#AroundTheLake)

This weeks challenge is to encircle a body of water. So go out there and run around that lake, or pond. And look it it from all sides! (Please post photos!)

Or be bolder with you interpretation of "body of water". Run around that swamp or boggy area. Or a reservoir. Or a section of a river. Do we have any high country tarns or lochs around here? One of our ultra-marathoners might consider "Lake Wilder"!

If the pond you pick is not a big loop, what about figure eight around two ponds? (A three lobed Lissajous figures about three ponds?)

Yes this challenge is around the ponds, not in them. We'll save that for slightly warmer weather!