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Alex Hall

Alex Hall

8:01 PM on Thursday, May 7, 2020

Lone Runner Challenge (#LRC): Cross that Bridge (#CrossThatBridge)

This week, we're presenting the Cross that Bridge (#CrossThatBridge) challenge! We're blessed here in New England with so many cool and interesting bridges. Using the Connecticut River as an example, I can think of the trestle bridge connecting Thetford/Lyme, the Ledyard Bridge (a traditional bridge with the added flare of pedestrian lights and the large spheres), and the Cornish-Windsor bridge: the longest covered bridge in the United States! This is just a sampling. There are so many more similar, but also unique bridges throughout our towns, including countless handmade bridges on our trails made by the wonderful trail crew volunteers from our communities (THANK YOU!). Has anyone run over the Da Vinci bridge in the Smith Pond Shaker Forest? We challenge you to go out and purposely run over some bridges. You will be awarded bonus 'internet points' for really cool bridges or crossing lots of them in a single run. This is a great challenge to bring your phone along and snap a cool picture!

When you complete your activity, give it a good title (helps to include the hashtags), and link your post in the comments here. Tell us how it went, why you picked this route, or something interesting you learned in researching a local bridge!