Tuesday BuMpS

5:45 AM Weekly on Tuesday
Meet Up Spot Cnr Dickward Drive & Progess Drive (Shell Servo)
Casual (No-Drop) / Rolling Hills

What’s good about it:
1) Newbies get free coffee (see below)
2) There are two starting point options deepening on your preference and lcoation
3) We RE-GROUP after every BuMp so you will not be left behind, and if you’re super speedy you can squeeze in an extra repeat if you wish
4) We are a friendly group who welcome newcomers

Type: Road, however MTBs and hybrids are welcome and occasionally join.
**If you're wanting to join this ride on a fixie please let other riders know at the start of the ride and be prepared to sit at the back of the group for the ride into town and between BuMpS, for safety reasons**

Lights: Essential, and set to solid.

Pace: The pace of this ride varies but you have two options for starting locations, making this ride accessible to everyone.

Option 1: If you can average a minimum 25km/hr (or 28km/hr in a bunch) please join us at the meet-up location, and let us know that you’re new to the ride if you haven’t been along before. The fastest part of the ride is the stretch from the servo (meet-up point) to the first “hill” but we are not out to break records, instead we stick together and enjoy the warm up. From there we ride FIVE different “hills”, THREE times but you can do less if you choose or more if you’re flyin’.
Option 2: Be ready to roll from the roundabout intersection of Kahlin Ave & Cullen Bay Cres, Cullen Bay a sniff before 6am. The group will be coming in from Kahlin Ave so be ready to hop on and you’ll be straight into BuMpS, remembering that we’ll each be doing them at our own pace. A warm up ride of some kind prior to this is recommended, even if you’re doing it solo nearby.

Coffee: Ray’s Patisserie a sniff before 7am
FREE COFFEE FOR NEWBIES: If you’re new to this ride and Emma is there she'll shout you a coffee at the cafe.
*All riders are expected to practice current social distancing and gathering restrictions
**This ride is simply a group of friends who ride together regularly. It is not facilitated by any one club or person therefore you ride at your own risk, and are responsible for ensuring you have your own insurance cover suitable for the activity you are choosing to undertake**

Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia