Party Pace Donut Loop (Ride Your Rivendell)

9:00 AM Saturday
Meet Up Spot 1353 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026
Casual (No-Drop) / Mostly Flat

I love donuts. I love bikes. Let's do both! I've planned a mostly flat, casual ride, but there are a couple of little climbs thrown in because why not!
Meet up at Ms. Donut for the first snack.
We then ride to the riverpath and stop by La Colombe if anyone wants good coffee.
After that it's up to Eagle Rock to Colorado Donut.
Next is a sharp climband a stop at Donut Friend for any vegan needs.
then a cruise around Mt. Washington (not over), through Chinatown, and landing at Donut Man (or whatever else) at Grand Central Market.
Then back to the start.

I'm going to promote this ride to the Rivendell owner's list. Really, ride any bike you want and wear whatever you want. All are welcome. Still, if you are fortunate enough to own more than one bike, I encourage riding your steel frame, flat pedal, easy-going commuter bike.

A few pieces of advice.
Parking can be annoying if you plan to drive to the ride. You're welcome to meet at my place at 8:30 and ride down with me. text me for details if you need them.
It's probably a good idea to bringa lock on this ride.
At least one donut shop is Cash Only.

See you Saturday!

Los Angeles, California