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6:45 AM Saturday
Meet Up Spot 2 location/time options - see notes
Casual (No-Drop) / Killer Climbs

Let’s Ride!
Saturday, June 2nd

Dancing with the Three Amigos:
1. Squaw (aka Lucky Day / Steve Martin)
2. South Fork (aka Ned Nederlander / Martin Short)
3. Sundance-side over the top (aka Dusty Bottoms / Chevy Chase)

- Join ride at either of the two location/time options
- Tap out at any point, i.e. if uno or dos are plenty amigos for you :)
- If you want to take it really slow and don’t care to summit, let everyone know not to wait at the top, and then just flip around as you see the main group on their way back down, to re-join.

- Moderate group pace to Chevron/Squaw and in-between Amigos to save juice for the climbs
- Individual pace on climbs and pushing on any segments you’re targeting.
- Regrouping at summits (or rejoin main group as it’s descending)
- Safe descents (PRs up, no ERs down)

LAUNCH – Two locations/times to join group

Meet-up @ 6:45 am, roll @ 7 am
Walmart Cedar Hills
4689 W Cedar Hills Dr., Cedar Hills (NW corner of parking lot near McDonalds)

Meet-up @ 7:30 am (with arriving first group), all roll @ ~ 7:45 am
Will's Canyon Stop / Chevron (there is parking if you are driving there -
1565 800 N, Orem

Tracking Link
- The first group leaving at 7 am will post a GLYMPSE GPS tracking link to our Facebook Group for anyone wanting to intercept, and so that those meeting at Will’s can track status. If you plan on following the tracker, download and set up a free account on the Glympse app prior to test in advance.
- App is free and works on both iPhone and Android
- or search your app store

Ride with GPS:
See note at bottom for link to route-loading instructions
Turn-by-turn files for dedicated cycling devices (Garmin, Wahoo, etc.) are a Premium feature on Ride w/ GPS, and are not available on Strava or the free version of Ride with GPS. It means that 50 meters before the turn, the turn info will pop up on your device, giving you instructions, and ensuring you’re on the planned route with the group.

- MILE 12 @ Chevron/Will's Pit Stop at the mouth of Provo Canyon (meeting Provo-side riders @ ~7:30)
- optional water available Mile 27 & 35 at Vivian Park
- MILE 39 @ Sundance (Deli, Water/Ice, Facilities)
- optional water available Mile 48 at the spring by Timpooneke

Mike Montrose 408-805-9287
Chris Madsen 801-360-5941
Wes Raymond 801-358-6352




IS THE EPIC KIT STILL AVAILABLE?— The team is launching a third production run due to demand. The buying window opened late May and we'll close the store to orders once we have the minimum 10 jerseys and 10 bibs--or shortly thereafter--and then send the order to production in order to get the kits produced and back to everyone as soon as possible. More info and links to order here:

WHAT RIDES ARE COMING UP?— EPIC maintains a season calendar, including planned group rides and targeted events for the season, here:

ROUTE LOADING DIRECTIONS—The more people who have the route loaded on their device (i.e. Garmin, Wahoo, phone/app, etc.) and who can follow along, the better. It avoids confusion if there are temporary separations, and thus also ensures you’re not expectantly trying to rejoin the group or get back on the route using less-safe roads. Plus, when you’re following a “course,” one of the metrics you can typically choose to have on your device screen is “Distance Remaining.” This is great for group rides and events, both motivating to see the number go down and helpful in allocating effort/intensity through the planned route.
Here are instructions to load a turn-by-turn .tcx file to Garmin – start at Step 3 as you already have the file
- KEY POINT—a step that we all seem to botch at least once is dropping the file into the “NEW FILES” folder NOT the “Courses” folder (repeat “NEW FILES…NEW FILES…”)
- Reason: the file has to be “processed in” by the Garmin from that New Files folder by first by powering the device down, then powering it up again. As part of the boot-up process it looks for any new files sitting in the “NEW FILES” folder, and if there are any there, it assigns them to the right folder. So think of “NEW FILES” as Garmin’s inbox. And it gets very angry if you dare attempt to put the file in another folder yourself, without its permission.

LAUNCH LOCATIONS—With a growing group spread from Weber to South Utah County, we are moving launch locations around to mix it up and/or to best-accommodate the ride goals. It’s fairly easy for most to ride or transport bike(s) to most locations, and we have lots of team members with racks if anyone needs a ride or bike transport.

EPIC GROUP RIDES—We structure Saturday group-ride plans with the intent that every healthy rider can start or join every group ride, schedule permitting. These weekly group adventures are meant to be challenging, but also a great time and social. The routes are planned to be fun, challenging and to escalate the efforts through the season. Much consideration has also been given to route safety, water stops, etc. These Saturday morning rides are great way to build cycling strength, group skills and endurance. Especially if paired with some good intensity/interval work during the weekdays, either outside or on a trainer, and of course strategic rest. The Saturday full plan is often a longer route that starts out together to maximize team-building, but that also has escalating stages of pacing, one-or-more planned turnaround points, or other options/suggestions to accommodate varying levels of riders and schedules (i.e. one large group starts, three groups finish). If you feel you’ve stretched and just can’t keep pace with the planned group you’ve chosen, don’t stress. It’s not an embarrassment; it’s a “queso” badge of honor! Congrats, you’re out of your comfort zone. Just let ride leaders know, turn around and ride home with any riders that are in the same boat, or by yourself. You’ve done solo rides before, no big deal. Add some miles and terrain on the way home if you want, include a longer pit stop to regroup if needed, and just ride your pace. Worst case, if you’re just crispy and done, call for a ride or an Uber. Keep training, stay consistent, and continue to start every group ride possible with the team. Keep coming out to start the rides each Saturday—don’t be intimidated—and your fitness, skills and speed gains will soon surprise you. If you have the opposite problem, and don’t think the group will be challenging enough, that is easy—take the role of sweep, give riders a pull to get back on, take more time at the front, give riders the “hand of hope” up climbs, take a side trip or climb that will really make it hard to get back to the group. Bottom line: EPIC rides every Saturday. There WILL be a ride or targeted event. You are welcome and wanted at our rides. You can make the game plan work to your specific training needs and level. You will progress.

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