Strava(새로운)New Horizons(수평선)Inspire

Strava(새로운)New Horizons(수평선)Inspire

United Kingdom England, United Kingdom

You Cannot Close Your Eyes To New Horizons
In The Morning We Are Born Again 천사 Admin (Sang Hwa)
(England South Korea)

"INSPIRE" (일으키게 하다)

Yeoboseyo Hola Bonjour Hallo Ciao Ola Namaste Salaam Zdras-Tvuy-Te Ohayo Konnichiwa Konban Wa Ahn Young Ha Se Yo Merhaba Sain Bainuu Nay Hoh

The mind is like water,
When it's turbulent it is difficult to see,when it is calm everything becomes clearer.

Be still mind - Empty

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