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Navigation for runners - Running Wild - Pentland hills

9:00 AM Sunday
Meet Up Spot Bonaly Scout centre
Intermediate / Trail

Set yourself up for a winter of safe running adventures

Navigation is an essential skill for anyone heading away from the security of roads and parks. It is the fundamental skill needed to break the barrier that limits us to familiar trails and opens up a world of exploring new possibilities.

As a runner we want to navigate differently to hill-walkers. We can show you simple techniques that keep your navigation fast and fluid, keeping you on track without having to stop as well as knowing what to do when we get lost!

We will start with fundamental good habits of map setting and direction finding and use these to help us to navigate around a variety of trails. As we go we will add to this with recognising different features on the ground and map along with ways to measure distance as we go.

Compass skills start simple, to check the direction of our trails and help us to find where we are. This builds to using a compass to go cross-country, away from the trail.

We will look at route planning skills and resources, so we set off running knowing how far it is, how much climbing is involved and how long it will take us.

Running Wild is designed for those who have the basic navigation skills and are looking to start challenging themselves. We will get you slick and confident with our foundation navigation skills and compass work before adding some more techniques to start moving cross-country, away from the trails. Some confidence with simple map skills are important for this course and we highly recommend starting with Tracks & Trails unless you have a lot of navigation experience.

Our day will finish in the dark, really testing those new skills in a safe environment.

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Aviemore, Scotland, United Kingdom