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8:26 PM on Thursday, September 20, 2018   •   Edited

Protect: Core & Back Strength (New Workout)

We're excited to announce a new 3 workout series for our Strava club members. Follow the workouts using the images provided, or follow the workouts with videos in the Sworkit app.

Workouts in this series:
1. Prepare: Dynamic Warm-up
2. Strengthen: HIIT for Cyclists & Runners
3. Protect: Core & Back Strength

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*Why this Protect: Core & Back Strength workout is great:*
This core and back strengthening workout is designed to aid in workout recover and prevent potential future injuries. Your core strength has a direct impact on your ability to draw power to your upper and lower body. As the critical link between your torso and hips, weak core muscles can have a very negative impact on your overall performance.

How to complete this workout:
Do each exercise for 30 seconds each, with 5 seconds rest in between each exercises. 8 minutes 10 seconds total time. No equipment needed.

Trainer Tips for each exercise:
Elevated Crunches - Laying on your back, elevate your feet off the floor with a 90 degree bend at your hips and your knees. Then contract your abdominals to roll your upper spine up off the floor. At the same time, allow your wide elbows to squeeze up and in towards your knees.

Leg Lifts - Lay down on your back and keep your back firmly pressed down against the floor. Then with your legs straight and together, lift them up off the floor and bring them up above your head. As your feet reach up above your head, pick your hips up by pushing your hands into the floor and contracting your abs.

Supine Bicycle - Start laying on your back. Bring your hands up by your ears and take your elbows out wide. Lift your feet off the floor, then bring one knee in towards your chest as you crunch up with your upper body and bring your opposite elbow to meet your knee. Alternate sides slowly with control.

Plank - Make your body as rigid as you can from your feet to your head to keep it in a straight "plank-like" shape. Do this by tensing your quads to lift your kneecaps up your thighs, squeezing your glutes together, bracing your core and drawing your belly button up away from the floor, whilst at the same time pressing down into the floor with your elbows.

Inch Worms - Bend forwards from the hips with a straight back until your fingers touch down underneath your shoulders. Then walk your hands out along the floor until you are at the top of the push-up position. From here, push your hips up and back as you walk your hands back in towards your feet. Once your heals return to the floor, take your weight back into your feet and take your hands off the floor and lift your upper body up to return to standing.

Mountain Climbers - In a push up position, keep your arms straight, and step one foot up underneath your chest. Then simultaneously switch feet by jumping the back leg up and the front leg back. Keep your shoulders lined up above your hands the whole time.

Side Bridge - Start by lying down on your side with your legs out straight and prop yourself up on your elbow. Then lift your hips up off the floor and aim to get them in line with the rest of your body, so there is a straight line from your feet to your head. Hold this top position for half the time on one side and half on the other.

Quadraplex - Staring on all fours, raise and straighten your left arm and right leg at the same time so that your arm is reaching out overhead at shoulder height and your foot is reaching out behind you at hip height. Throughout this movement aim to keep the rest of your body as still as possible, especially focusing on your hips, shoulders and spine. Then slowly transition to the other side.

Genie Sit - Begin in a kneeling position with your arms crossed in front of you. Then hinge backward at the knees, so that you are leaning back. Only go as far as you can with a straight body and without feeling any strain on your lower back. Make sure you keep a straight body position during this movement, don't bend backwards. As well as strengthening your lower back and glutes, this exercise will also create a great stretch for your hip flexors and quads.

Steam Engine - Start in a standing position with your feet at shoulder width and your hands behind your head. Lower your left elbow down and across your chest as you lift your right knee up and in to your chest so that your left elbow and right knee connect. As they touch, squeeze your abs and obliques to push your elbow down into your knee. Then return your right foot to the floor and stand upright again, before repeating the movement on the other side with your right elbow and left knee.

Plank Side Walk - In a push up position, keep your arms straight and engage your core. Then move left and right by stepping sideways with your hands and feet.

Reach Throughs - Lay down, draw your legs in by bending your knees to 90 degrees. Keep a gap between your legs wide enough for your arms to reach in between them. Reach up above your shoulders with your arms. From this start position, raise up to a sit up and reach your arms through between your legs towards your feet. Then lower back down to the floor and repeat.

V Balance - For this isometric core exercise, start sitting down with your legs bent up in towards your hips, feet on the floor. Then lean back so that your spine is at a 45 degree angle. At the same time lift your feet up so they are at the same height as your knees, shins parallel to the floor. Your arms should be hovering off the floor by your hips to help you balance. Hold this top position for the required duration of the exercise.

Glute Bridge - Lay on the floor with your knees bent to the ceiling and your feet under your knees, near to your glutes. Arms flat to the floor, tense your glutes and hamstrings to lift your hips up as far as you can. Hold this position for the duration of the exercise.

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Protect: Core & Back Strength | Finish every training with protection for the next.