Pukka Pies Pro Cycling

Pukka Pies Pro Cycling

United Kingdom Reigate, England, United Kingdom

Pukka Pies Pro(blems) Cycling is an Elite group of the mostist talentedist riders in Britainland, the best of the bestist, crème de la crème (full fat!), coincidentally located, all in one very small location of south east Englandshire.

Some say this region of the UK must have something special in the water, some say that that the above statement just isn’t true; or even grammatically correct, but we believe the secret to our success (well potential success…) lies in our local chip shops.

While many of the pro peloton teams focus on all-out speed, power to weight ratios or powerful climbing, Pukka Pies Pro(blems) Cycling focuses on Storing Energy in it’s purest, most potentially explosive form. Fat!
Weight to Power Ratios! This pioneering cycling perspective, whilst as yet unproven, and its success un-quantified, is certainly easy!

We might not wear matching lycra kits, unpleasantly taught over our man tits and back cracks like other cycle clubs, or even ride that often, but you know when you’ve overtaken a pukka pies pro(blems) Cycling rider, as we wobble up a slight incline! You might even feel smug briefly at your small victory, but after the dust settles, and the ride is done, and you sip on your recovery shake, remember this: We’ll be enjoying post ride beer and pies!

For legal reasons we should point out Pukka Pies don’t actually sponsor us. But we have bought enough of their pies to claim we sponsor them! If they have an issue then we’re sure Ginsters probably wouldn’t sue!

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