The Epic Beach Ride

United States Southwest Ranches, Florida

Every Sunday, we ride!

We have grown tired of the repetitive and crash ridden Sunday rides and are going to do something different and cool, in fact it's so cool Lord Mario Cipollini has smiled on this ride, something he doesn't do often. We will leave hawks bluff elementary at 7:00 am sharp and head east on stirling to flamingo and then east on griffin to the beach where we will ride up A1A and then stop for coffee where we will talk smack about other, unapproved riders and how they aren't as cool as us, not as pro as us, etc... Then we will ride back totaling between 45 and 62 miles ( to be determined, mostly by our mood). Please join us and feel free to invite other cool riders who are keepers of the Velominati Rules.

See Rules here:

Please introduce yourself if you plan on joining so I can plan on dropping you (kidding, relax bro). If you haven't been approved yet, here is your chance.

Here is a run down on what to expect:

A little history on the ride and what we, the core riders who started it hoped to achieve by setting it up.

A couple of months ago some of us were having a tough time finding a Sunday ride that met our needs. We wanted a social ride, a ride which we can spend with friends chatting it up in a relaxed atmosphere, yet at the same time, a ride which we could keep a brisk rolling pace (let's say 18-30ish mph average rolling speeds, depending on mood and wind), yet tranquilo. Add to that some fun high speed sprint zones with regroups, a half hour +/- stop at a coffee shop for espresso and breakfast, and most importantly safety, WE OBEY ALL TRAFFIC RULES, WE GIVE RESPECT TO MOTORISTS, and camaraderie, this means NO JERKS, and I can't stress the no jerks part hard enough. No negativity, no smugness, no attitude, no holier then tho bullshit, we had enough of that garbage. We wanted something different from what was already available on Sundays to us, something different from the Flyers rides, Memorial rides etc (which all have their different positive aspects as well and hey, we love those rides too, well sometimes). We didn't want to treat our ride like a race. So we started the invite only the "Epic Beach Ride".

If any of the above does not sound like something you would appreciate, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO NOT COME, as you will have a bad time and you will cause others to have a bad time which is even worse.

I can't force you not to come, hey, the roads are public and you can ride where you want, but you are going to have a bad and frustrating time. Also, please don't ruin our smiles by trying to impose your thoughts of how we should ride on us, We ARE doing it right, because we choose to do it our way and that's why we started this ride.

Phewwww.... OK got that out of the way. Now, if you know other people we might be down with this mantra, invite them, by all means.

Now, let's have a good time and have some fun....and espresso.

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