Trail Nerds Trifecta

In running there is an unspoken rivalry between road runners and trail runners. Trail runners fancy themselves more seriously committed to the running experience. For them, their journeys through forests, mountains and lonely gravel double-track is the finish line. They run not to finish, but to experience.

In the Midwest United States, there is a name for these kinds of runners: Trail Nerds. This is a breed of runner who relishes the opportunity to drill holes in his or her shoes for screws that grip the ice and snow for early February ultraruns. A personality who enjoys the short beam of light emanating from a headlamp on an all night run.

So for all you Trail Nerds out there, GO Adventures offers The Trail Nerds Trifecta, a three-race challenge for all trail runners who seek an authentic Trail Nerd experience. Something Ben Holmes, the founder of Trail Nerds and run director for the annual Run d’Haiti, would call “true running.”

To participate in the Trail Nerds Trifecta simply select and run in three Trail Nerds races of your choice between now and December 31, 2014. Any three carry the same weight.

The Trail Nerds Trifecta collaboration between Trail Nerds and GO Adventures to raise awareness about orphaned and abandoned children around the world.

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