United States Los Angeles, California

2 Wheel Freaks.
Motorcycles (All Disciplines), Road Bikes , Mountain Bikes.
If it has only 2 wheels ,we'll eventually be riding 'em!

Group started as Sportbike enthusiasts. Weekly Canyon rides with superbikes, then motocross and dirt riding came to the scene. Quite a Few members used to race local dirt and street circuits. Supermoto came into play as well.

Then the self propelled 2wheel machinebug hit the group! Starting off with MTB's then Downhill Then Road.
Until they create a new legit 2 wheel toy,....we are running out of options...Hehehehe

Good Folks, Good Road , Good Trails, Good Hills & Good Food
MJ Superbikes
MJ Motocross
MJ Dirtbike
MJ Supermoto
& now MJ Velo edition!

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