100 runs 100 days

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1.You can take days off
2.You can do days with more than one run (doubles)
3.You can and likely should take rest days
4.You get no credit for going longer than 30 minute wrt number of runs, however it will help your distance totals.
5.If you go fast, it will show up in your total distance over the challenge in less time and the speedsters get to beat the crap out of each other.
6.You can go as slow as you want provided both feet leave the ground on every stride
7.Listen to your body if you need to take a day off…don’t get too sucked into what the other geeks on the ‘standings’ are doing
8.Don't sprint out of the gate in the first 3 weeks....easiest way to get injured...start slow.... to get a gauge for what your average weeks for the first 4-6 weeks should look like before you ramp up
9.If you make it through 10 weeks (70 days), pour it on in the final month when your body and mind can take it.
10. Doubles must have a min hour between run/walk.

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