Second Crack Cycling

We love bikes, coffee, good design & technology. In addition to all those things being a bit like crack to us, in coffee roasting terms, the "second crack" is the point where the coffee bean cell walls break open and the richer flavor is developed. That being said, this may be our second+ time around on many things, but we like to think we just keep getting better one sip and pedal stroke at a time.

Hatched by the well-caffeinated minds of Victoria Bocash (Evverge Creative) and Karen Lynn (Sip, Clip & Go Coffee), our aim is to have a whole heck of a lot of fun while encouraging women to ride bikes - across all disciplines. We're not afraid to try new things (ok so maybe we are, but there's safety in numbers, right?) We also like to mix it up with other sports and recreational activities and spend as much time as possible outdoors. But our common ground is cycling and its soul-liberating power!

Our main focus is on women in the sport, but we wholeheartedly embrace and welcome all the dudes who support, train & race with, heckle and cheer on their sisters in cycling.

So join in the fun and get cracking!! Team kit apparel and random merchandise will be available for the upcoming season. Stay tuned on these channels while we crack the code on a new website.

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Now get out there and ride!

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