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Thursday Hill Jam

6:00 PM Weekly on Thursday
Meet Up Spot 1225 W I-35 Frontage; Edmond, OK 73034
Race Pace / Rolling Hills

Hill Jam 2015 : 

Group leaves: 6:00pm sharp 
Walmart Parking lot I-35 & 15th street

Since the sun is still setting fairly early, we have a shorter route for now. As the days get longer, we will extend the ride. We will update this page, but the ride leaders will communicate the route pre roll out. 

This is a ride that you should expect o get left behind, you should expect to get shelled, you should expect pain and suffering and you should expect fun in a weird sort of way. This ride is best described as a hill interval workout.

B group riders: You will leave 5 minutes after the A group takes off. Your  course will be shortened that appropriate amount so that both groups will come back together within the last few miles of the ride. 
The goal is that everyone will arrive back at the start close to the same time. Usually there is a group that eats diner afterwards and everyone is invited.  

This ride is open to anyone wanting to have a great workout…so please share this will anyone who might be interested

Disclaimer: This ride is not organized nor sanctioned by "Bike Edmond" or anyone specific. Cycling is an inherently dangerous sport. The responsibility for each riders safety, fitness and the soundness of his or her bicycle lies solely with each rider. No effort has been made to insure the safety of the roads chosen by any member of the group, nor have the routes been screened for road or other hazards and may not be the safest route available. No effort has been made to ensure that riders in the group possess any degree of skill and/or judgment. Ride at your own risk as you do when you ride all the other times. ALL TRAFFIC LAWS and other ordinances are to be followed just as they were if you were riding by yourself.

Edmond, Oklahoma