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Sunstroke 74

9:00 AM Thursday
Casual (No-Drop) / Mostly Flat

One of the Break-Away Bike Club’s yearly favorites. This 74 mile ride offers 2 SAG stops to refuel and refresh, 1 Water stop (if needed, depending on weather) and SAG vehicle support to all riders. This is traditionally a very hot ride, so drink plenty of water!

Officially supported Road route (75.1 miles)

Alternate route that includes the Trail. The trail portion is *NOT* supported by our staff, so travel is one on your own (74.1 miles). This route joins back up with the road route at the trailhead. Should you choose to go over the new bridge and go through town, that is fully unsupported and unmarked and you will be riding on your own (please note, there is MUCH construction in town, which is why this route was not given as an option)

Kokomo, Indiana