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The Harrow Adventure Cycle Club for Women is a new social cycling group for women who are already able to ride a bike and now wish to venture further afield on two wheels.
The Adventure Club offers an opportunity to build confidence on a bike. Our planned rides to different locations will build your cycling skills, while gradually increasing the distance will build your fitness.
We hope that by the end of spring you will have learnt all the necessary skills to plan and ride an adventure of your own choosing. You will work as a group to map a route, pack your kit and lead the ride! But don’t worry - you will have support and supervision from trained Cycle Experience instructors at all times, should you need it.
The club sessions will include:
• Local routes, taking in local obstacles
• Provision of Bikeability ‘on-the-road’ training (level 3)
• You suggest destinations/local landmarks to visit or pass/obstacles you want to tackle and the instructors will plan suitable routes and training, e.g. tackling junctions or riding up hills
• Map reading
• Route planning
• Ride leading
• Ride nutrition
• Other fitness building
• Roadside maintenance
• Planning and packing for a long ride
• Yoga/stretching
• Trip to the velodrome
• Visiting cycle races
• Working towards planning an excursion

When is it happening?

The club will run on alternate Saturdays, launching on 18th January, at 9.30am. We will meet at a café for a talk/brief each week, before a group ride that builds week-by-week to 2 hours long. We will aim for a 12.30pm finish at the latest, but most likely will finish sooner in the early weeks.

The adventure club will run on a ‘drop-in’ basis, so you don’t need to commit to attend every session. However we do hope that for those of you who wish to meet friends to cycle safely with, this will become a social opportunity too.

Where will we meet and where will we ride?

First meeting point will be Harris and Hoole in Pinner (http://www.harrisandhoole.co.uk/shops/pinner).

In the future, venues may vary depending on what will be covered in the session that week. We may meet at the Harrow Leisure Centre for some sessions e.g. yoga and maintenance work. Details for the location of each week’s session will be posted online and on our Facebook page:

Why have you set up a women-only club?

Research shows that adult women are less likely than men to get involved in sports activities, and also that young women tend to lose interest in sport during their teens. There are lots of reasons for this loss of interest - not having the time, worries about appearance, or perhaps just not knowing how to get started – but we think that women-only clubs are a great way to get back into sport.

Cycle Experience are passionate about getting as many people on their bikes as possible. We hope to create a positive, safe space for women to enjoy riding at whatever level and with all the support you might need!

How can women get involved?

The club is open to all women who are confident riding a bicycle and who live or work in Harrow. To register with the club you simply need to fill out the registration form below before coming to our opening session on the 18th January 2014.

Women need to bring along their own bikes and helmets.

So if you want to cycle as part of a group, you fancy a new challenge, or you have felt unconfident or unsure of how to start adventuring on your bicycle, come along to the Harrow Adventure Cycle Club for Women!

Contact Louise Gold for more information: Louise@cycleexperience.com and 07906533627

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