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9:16 AM on Tuesday, August 28, 2018   •   Edited

Boca Roubaix Route

The Boca Roubaix — originally ridden by a fun and inspired local crew as a way to to depart from Truckee, engage in Tuesday’s Reno Wheelmen Twilight Race, and return to Truckee on the dirt via Prosser Dam Road. This route is a great way to get off the main roadways and to escape into a close to home adventure. You will ride past the historical Boca Townsite, home of Boca Brewing Company (known now as Anchor Steam Brewery) and views of the Pacific Crest during the return ride. This route is know to be a peaceful journey along multiple streams, rivers, and lakes. The route is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and some chisel in your quads.