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3:01 PM on Sunday, November 22, 2020   •   Edited

The Aussie Endurance Pro Challenge

Good morning to all our Australian Club Members, this one is for you - Join the squad and complete the Aussie Endurance Pro Challenge!

Power through two weeks of activity, starting today, by completing a total of 10 hours of swimming, running or biking and logging your activity on your Strava app. Then enter in our prize draw and get your chance to win a Meet & Greet with Chris McCormack and a new Breitling Endurance Pro watch.

The Aussie Endurance Pro Challenge is the perfect way to introduce the brand’s newest product: an everyday sports chronograph designed as a lightweight watch for athletes. The lightweight and lighthearted luxury sports watch combines high precision, innovative technology and vibrant, colorful design.

Swimming, running or biking, either of the three activities qualify in this challenge, so you can be part of Breitling’s #SQUADONAMISSION and complete 10 hours doing whatever fires you up most. Hop on your bike, strap on your shoes or stack on those weights and get moving with Breitling.

Good Luck!

Once you have successfully finished your 10 hours of activity you may redeem here: to take part in the prize draw. We will follow your activity on the Breitling Strava Club Leaderboard.

The Facts
• Challenge Start date 23.11.2020 – Challenge End date 06.12.2020
• Complete 10 hours of swimming, running or biking on Strava
• The winner will get to enjoy a Meet & Greet with Chris McCormack & a brand new Endurance Pro in the color of your choice.

The Aussie Endurance Pro Challenge is open to Australian residents only.

For any inquiries about the competition please contact