Million Foot Club

Million Foot Club Private Club


Climb a million feet with us in 2017.

- Barometric devices recognized by Strava are required*
- Do not correct elevation
- Accept "Request to Follow" by an admin

*Exceptions granted
Current standings and projections:

First Mighty Millionaire 2017: NIGEL LAFFIN-congrats! 2016: Barnfather, Toone, Botasso, S. Archer, Wagner, Fixie,McMurray, C.J. Covy, Hauft, Barton,Dedric,Horne, Copper,Saine, Laddish, Foltz, Stokes, Romagnoli, R. Archer, Lucido,Hoadley, Raymond,McKay,Hoechlin,Vargas,Canada,C. Archer, Road Runner, Rezkalla,Hall, Kreature, Solis,Hawley,Sigurd K.

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