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Pumpkin Cross

11:00 AM Sunday
Meet Up Spot Dorfstrasse 35, Hinterkappelen
Race Pace / Rolling Hills

Cyclocross race for all - Radquer rennen - CX

Pumpkin field behind the Trailnet Dirtpark "Schiesskanal"
Dorfstrasse 25, 3032 Hinterkappelen bei Bern (Uhlmann Mulden Areal)

Race Timing:
11:00 Training and registration
13:00 Riders briefing and start
14:30 Pumpkin soup & winners celebration

Registration: from 11:00 at the start
Starting fee: CHF 25.- incl. fresh pumpin soup and a drink
Race: 45 minutes + last round (Drop bars only, please)
Categories: Women and men, all levels. start and race together

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Online Anmeldung:

Wohlen bei Bern, Bern, Schweiz