Backbone trail "Stunt to Kanan"

6:30 AM Sunday
Meet Up Spot Kanan road Backbone trail head
Advanced / Trail

These point to point Backbone trail sections are for current Trail Runners Club members ONLY.

We start this 18 mile stretch where we left off the previous Backbone section, at the top of Stunt.

It's a a short distance to the 2,805 ft. Saddle Peak so we will start with a beautiful ocean vista.  After a long descend to Piuma Road, we cross Malibu Canyon Road and climb up the Mesa Peak Motorway (steep long trail) up to Corral.  Then from the Corral Canyon parking lot, we run to the parking lot at Kanan Road--the end of this second Backbone section.

MEETING LOCATION: Drive to Kanan Road from PCH, and after going through a tunnel, the parking lot for the Backbone trail is on your left.  Then the fewest cars will leave at 6:30 AM to the start at the top of Stunt.

California City, California