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Lyme Grinders

Lyme Grinders

5:04 PM on Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Week #3 requirements

Week 2 Roundup and Week #3 requirement.

28 participants and growing! Results will be posted to the website this week. Please verify and send any updates.

Fundraiser update:
MN Lyme Assoc. Fundraiser - PayPayl pool

Confirmed 3rd sponsor joining us. More info to come.

LymeGrinder Cycling cap:
Artwork being transferred to company making hats for us. Order link will be shared later this week when they provide it. Should be quite affordable.

Week #3 LymeGrinder - 50 mile route & Photo Op. - Lawn Ornament

Reminder* You may ride any route you want - from anywhere, but it needs to be mostly gravel. Title your Strava route 'Week #3 LymeGrinder...." so I can find it.

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Saturday May 16th - Nowthen ride at 9am

Route info:
Start at Twin Lakes city park in Nowthen, MN
Parking @ Twin Lakes Park, overflow at St. John’s Lutheran church
Bathrooms at park are closed. Nearest bathroom is Bill’s Superette on Viking Blvd.

KwikTrip @ mile 36 on route

Keep at it! Love seeing everyone participating and enjoying the challenge.