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Kamps Ride - Steady Endurance

7:30 AM Saturday
Meet Up Spot 13325 N MacArthur Blvd OKC, Ok 73142
Tempo / Mostly Flat

A steady endurance ride that makes a half way stop at Kamps 1910 in downtown OKC for a coffee and pastry. Average pace at the end of the ride will be a high 17mph - low 18mph. No surges, and a great tour of downtown OKC!

Ride Description & Guidelines:
- AVG pace will be right at 18 mph.
- You need to have your own Flat Repair kit for your bike.
- No Surges, a smooth steady pace.
- Ride in a 2 by 2 pace line, pulls no more then a mile.
- Side to side we always ride only an ARMS DISTANCE from the rider next to us.
- No riding in Aerobars.
- No intervals off the front or sitting off the back of the group, we ride as one group for safety reasons.
- When a flat or accident happens, everyone pulls over to the side of the road and stops completely. 2-3 people assist with the flat/mechanical, then we start as a group once things are fixed.

NOTE: This is a casual ride, its a way to get in a good 2.5 hrs minutes of aerobic riding. If you are wanting a good physical and fitness challenge then we suggest you check out our Tuesday Worlds and Saturday Cashion rides.

The Bike Lab OKC Verified Club
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma