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6:00 PM Weekly on Tuesday
Meet Up Spot 13325 N MacArthur Blvd OKC, Ok 73142
Tempo / Mostly Flat

Ride Description:
- This is a strong ride that will have several areas that are fast paced.
- This is a drop ride, you will want to know the route.
- AVG pace will be between 20-22 mph.
- There "May" be regroups. There might not.

Ride Guidelines:
- NO aggressive riding "right to left". There will be fast pacelines, right to left, or left to right sudden movements are dangerous. You'll need to be able to stay in control of your bike or expect a "talkin' to."
- no RIDING in aerobars
- You need to have your own Flat Repair kit for your bike.
- Signal road hazards.
- Ride Leaders are always in charge

The Bike Lab OKC Verified Club
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma