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AthletiKaty Run Crew

AthletiKaty Run Crew

1:45 PM on Friday, October 25, 2019   •   Edited

akRC November Challenge: Will Run for Coffee 10K

One of my goofy ideas for the Run Crew was to throw in doofy little challenges here and there, along the lines of WILL RUN FOR _________.

As the fall wears on, I continue to wear more reflective things and run a few more miles under the street lights, all the while thinking about how I can’t wait to have my morning coffee when I’m finished.

So here’s the deal. To enter the challenge, there are three painless steps to complete:
- Comment down below on this thread. No need for a novel, just throw an emoji down there or something, so I know you’ve opted in.
- Enter the general November 10K challenge on Strava. Here’s where the filtered leaderboard is going to live, so we can see some actual results.
- Run a 10K at some point in the month of November.

Who wins? There will be TWO wins!

Whoever knocks out the fastest 6.23mi of all will win a $20 gift card to Starbucks/Tim Hortons/Dunkin (or wherever you get your coffee that I can purchase a gift card online), your choice.

I’m not the fastest in the bunch, and I don’t want people to be discouraged if the same fast human (it’s a small group) just wins everything all the time, so there’s also going to be a Wild Card winner. Of all the people who complete the 10K challenge (except the timed winner), a name will be drawn at random to win another $10.

I know it’s not much, but I can’t be the only one jonesing for a warm beverage after these cool weather runs! As delicious as they are, post-race beers make my fingers turn white. BRRRRR!

Disclaimer: this is NOT a Sbux, Dunkin or Timmy's coffee, but it was photogenic AF - so let's roll with it.