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Slovenian Zwift League presented by VS Bike

Slovenian Zwift League presented by VS Bike

6:50 PM on Wednesday, November 13, 2019   •   Edited

Stage 3 Preview

Is it already a wednesday ? Ferdamt. Wednesday's are for stage preview..

Time for sprinters to shine. It’s their penultimate chance to accumulate as much points in 9 week league as possible, before we enter to more hilly terrain. We will be racing in New York world, the Park Perimeter Loop.

Jet again the course is fast. Only this time it’s all but flat. It is what’s usually called “false flat”. Either up or down all the time. It’s a tricky course to follow wheels, specially for newcomers and a bit slower riders, since they are either climbing either descending. But for the strongest group, the sheer speed is usually so high that classic sprinter, a true wheel sucker, normally has no problem surviving the stage in the bunch and wait for his natural eruption of raw power.

Whats more exciting is the nature of the course. It is designed to attack and ambush the group on almost any part of the lap. Constant small rises offers numerous launch pads for attacks. Well motivated time trialist, on a good day and perhaps in an ad-hoc coalition with another “same minded” rider or two, can make a break and stay away all to the end. Specially if the bunch is not well coordinated and packed with too many sprinters who effectively kill any initiative due their pre-programmed “glue-on-wheel” mentality. If you like to bet on races, then put your money on a classic sprinter in a group A or group B, and a crazy puncheur or time trialist in a group C.

One more thing to expect, is rather big bunch on start. Easier routes are usually much more crowded than heavier, since it’s easier to survive within a group. Thus more people enter those events, and it is typical for most one day racers to jump on train in the last hour or so.

The soup is on fire now. Next, it’s on riders to flavor the soup with spices. The more spices, the harder will be to eat the pain!

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