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Strava UK

11:26 AM on Wednesday, January 6, 2021   •   Edited

The Strava UK Community Awards: Most Elevation in a Single Activity

Next up on the 2020 Strava UK Community Awards, we're celebrating the extraordinary feat of the most elevation in a single activity uploaded to Strava. Alan Colville broke a world record by clocking up an astonishing 30,312 meters of elevation within 48 hours.

Over the course of 45 hours and 36 minutes, Alan clocked up 30,312 meters of elevation, with 169 reps of his chosen climb and burning 23,152 calories in the process. If you're struggling to visualise just how much elevation that is, it's the equivalent of riding up and down Everest three and a half times!

Alan is a competitive mountain biker for Team JMC and decided on focus on some personal challenges in lieu of any racing, finding solace in climbing to new heights and into the record books. "I did my first ever Everest in December just before the world was about to change. As coronavirus took hold and the lockdowns followed, I completed several indoor Everest climbs virtually followed by two double outdoor attempts" Alan said.

With an outdoor double completed, his eyes were firmly set on a triple and a possible world-record attempt. "Focussing on the record really helped with my motivation, but also provided meaning and a distraction from the chaos of a pandemic for those around me."

Alan climbed well over 260,000 meters of elevation and completed over a dozen Everest attempts in 2020. "I've looked for solo challenges to keep me motivated throughout the year, and learned to celebrate every win".

Check out the activity:

Read more about Alan's attempt: