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Earth Week Critical Mass E-Ride

7:00 AM Monday
Casual (No-Drop) / Mostly Flat

Critical Mass is (virtually) coming to Idaho Falls!

This year is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, which is why we are holding a range of events to celebrate the day! Critical Mass is the first event to celebrate Earth Day; it is a bike ride when commuters get together and ride on the city's streets. We do it to educate fellow cyclists and drivers on how to safely and happily share the road. We will be virtually together, even though we are physically distancing.

What can you do? Ride your bike on Monday, April 20, on the roads and bike lanes near your home, to the grocery store, or for exercise. The main point - be safe, be visible, and enjoy your commute!

Here are some basic rules for the ride:
- Wear a helmet
- Use bike lights (front and back)
- Follow the traffic rules as you ride
- Be kind and respectful to whomever you encounter
- Follow the public health recommendations

You can connect to other riders online through the Strava event: and post a photo of your ride on social media with the hashtag #IFEarthDay. You are encouraged to comment about which roads you took, which were great for commuting, and which ones can use some improvement. Besides posting about your ride and route in the Critical Mass event, you can also help map where you saw hazards for cyclists or if you witnessed (which, hopefully, does not happen) any accident involving a cyclist by using the "Add a new marker" tool on the BikeMaps:

If you are new to bike commuting, see the map of Idaho Falls bike lanes (both existing and planned): and some tips on how to commute by bike in Idaho:

Enjoy and be safe!

Idaho Falls, Idaho