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Daniel McKeown

Daniel McKeown

10:49 AM on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Time Trial Tournament update 25/03/2020

Hi folks, well done to everyone who made it up the Ilkley Incline last week in our first TTT fixture. Tom Adams had the fastest time and Alexander W had the best weighted score, according to the highly scientific calculations that I scrawled down on the back of an envelope and punctuated with doodles of cartoon dogs.

Inevitably, the nationwide lockdown means that I ought to give the competition format / schedule a bit of a rethink. After feedback from others (and trying in vain to get through to Boris Johnson on the phone all morning), I have decided to put the tournament on *pause* for now.

The current route, which opened up on the day the lockdown began, will remain open until ONE WEEK AFTER LOCKDOWN ENDS. That means that if, like me, you are spending your one piece of exercise a day getting your dog outside, or if you have other commitments, there's no pressure on you to cram a joyless urban dash into your schedule. Any times that people run on the course between now and then will be recorded (Istvan is our leader at time of going to press).

This is obviously a bit of a shame as the response to the Time Trial idea was very positive - thanks to all of you for that. However, when the lockdown does end, there will still most likely be a big gap in the running events calendar. At which point, Dan's got your back.

If you're dying for competition in the meantime, there are plenty of segments in Ilkley and surrounding areas. If you have the opportunity, try to improve your best time on those, or even go for a course record. If you know someone else who's at a loose end, you can challenge them to a segment race (to be run separately).

It's also very easy to create your own segments closer to home - you can make them private if you just want to use them for your own training purposes.

And finally, if you have any queries or suggestions about the Time Trial Tournament, or you just need a bit of sociable banter to take the edge off lockdown life, I'm on

See you soon!