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World 5K - COVID19

12:00 PM Saturday
Meet Up Spot Home
Beginner / Mixed

Welcome to the World 5k - COVID19 Event. The world’s largest virtual 5k planned for COVID-19 lockdown.

Free to join, we are inviting people to join us and others from around the world to take part in a global 5k fun-run, the event takes place in your own homes, gardens or small spaces on Saturday 18th April, observing lockdown and your countries social distancing rules.

To encourage as much participation as possible, we’re suggesting that people start at their local start time of 12:00 mid-day wherever they live, thereby allowing as many people as possible to participate.

If people are unable to start at 12 mid-day, to be as flexible as possible, they can start whenever they like as the whole world will be joining in throughout the day. We recommend they people try to start on the hour (top of the hour), so they can start running with lots of people at the same time whenever and wherever you live in the world.

#World5k is starting in the Pacific and will fan out like a domino effect across the world ending in America’s outlying islands.

How you choose to complete your 5k is entirely up to you. You can jog on the spot, run laps around the garden, balcony or lounge shuttle runs, bounce a ball or just step up and down in your living room. Some of us are even bouncing on mini-trampolines, bouncing 6000 times.

You can complete your 5k in a single session or multiple sessions throughout the day. All we ask is that you take part at home, observing the lockdown and your countries social distancing rules. Please go at their own pace and at their own risk, ensuring that you do not exert yourself unnecessarily or risk injury, as we don’t wish to put additional strain on the world’s medical teams at this crucial time.

If there’s a cause close to your heart you’d like to support, then, by all means, use your participation in World 5k as a platform to raise money for your chosen charity.

Our chosen charity in the UK is the NHS Charities Together (

If you live outside the UK, you can still donate on and raise money for your own worthy cause.

Have fun, stay safe and well and we look forward to you joining us.

We're in this together! ;)

London, England, United Kingdom