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Frisco Solo Series Race #2

12:00 PM Wednesday
Meet Up Spot Frisco Peninsula
Intermediate / Trail

Start/finish line for race #2 is located along the Summit County Recreation Path, just to the west of the mules. Park at the ball field parking lot at the Frisco Adventure Park and walk roughly a tenth of a mile east, or uphill, along the Summit County Recreation Path until you see the ‘Solo Series Segment Start’ sign. This is where the race will start and finish.

Trail description for race #2: Start on Phat Loop Trail>Cross Peninsula Road (Campground Road)>Ballfonz Blitz>Jody’s Loop>Crown Point Road>Buzzsaw>Rocky’s Ride>Crown Point Road>Reichels Retreat>Switchback>Campground Road>Peak One Trail (new trail)>Phat Loop

Frisco, Colorado