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Ain't No Mountain High Enough!

7:30 AM Saturday
Meet Up Spot Black Bear Diner Sandy
Race Pace / Killer Climbs

Ride Information

Wheels of Justice is stoked to announce the first annual Ain’t No Mountain High Enough ride! The ride will start at the Black Bear Diner in Sandy, where the good people there will provide us with a free pancake breakfast. (Breakfast starts at 6:30; the ride starts at 7:30.) Then we will ascend all five of Salt Lake City’s rideable canyons: Little Cottonwood Canyon, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Millcreek Canyon, Emigration Canyon, and then City Creek Canyon! Yep. Riders can choose one, two, three, four, or all five canyons. This formidable ride—with more elevation gain than the most prominent peak in the continental United States, and even more than the Mauna Kea volcano in Hawai’i—is meant to show that people can overcome any challenge. It also shows our team’s commitment to protecting and helping children.

Those who finish all five will receive a killer finisher’s medal, courtesy of DNA Cycling (Drive Marketing). All riders, regardless of how many mountains you conquer, will receive a free Specialized 2nd Gen Big Mouth water bottle, courtesy of UtahBikingLaw.com. Thanks to our other generous local partners, there will also be some very cool giveaways, as well as prizes awarded to the KOM and QOM of each canyon, as follows:

Little C KOM - 2 Alta Ski Passes
Little C QOM - 2 Snowbird Ski Passes
Big C KOM - 2 Solitude Ski Passes
Little C QOM - 2 Brighton Ski Passes
Emigration KOM - 2 Deer Valley Ski Passes
Emigration QOM - 2 Sundance Ski Passes
City Creek KOM - Gregory Mountain Products Men’s Inertia 3D Hydro
City Creek QOM - Gregory Mountain Products Women’s Swift 20 3D Hydro
All participants - Free pancake breakfast at Black Bear Diner, WOJ water bottle, EFS Drink Mix, and EFS Liquid Shots
All finishers - Finisher’s Medal from DNA Cycling (Drive Marketing)

Please keep in mind the following:

1. Breakfast for all those who have signed up for the race will be from 6:30 to 7:15 at Black Bear Diner in Sandy. Please note that, while the pancakes are free, our servers would no doubt be grateful for any tips you would like to give them.

2. There will be a Wheels of Justice water bottle and EFS (powder and liquid shots) for all who have signed up for the ride.

3. The ride will start at 7:30.

4. THIS IS AN UNSUPPORTED RIDE. Riders are responsible for their own hydration, food, and directions. I recommend bringing a credit card so you can buy drinks, etc., along the route--just like any other ride your buddies would go on. If we’re lucky, there may be one or two community partners that provide some hydration for us, but please don’t plan on it.

5. Please follow the route as posted on Strava under our club page. There is an option to “Use Route,” which should help you know if you’re on course. The course typically follows the most obvious route from canyon to canyon; however, there are a couple tricky turns to be aware of:

a. We do not follow Wasatch Blvd. all the way between Little C and Big C. As you go down the hill toward the 7-11, look for a street (Prospector Dr) about halfway down the hill. Turn right and then immediately left on Prospector Dr. (Watch for cars coming from the south on Prospector Dr; they haven’t a stop sign.) Follow Prospector Dr down to Mine Shaft Rd, which will take you down to Big Cottonwood Canyon Rd.

b. We do not come all the way down Millcreek Canyon to Wasatch Blvd. Turn right at the first stop sign after you pass the tollbooth onto Millcreek Rd. This will take you to Wasatch Blvd.

c. After you wend through Research Park, turn left on Pollock Rd (first stop sign after you pass Wakara Way) as you come into Fort Douglas. Then, turn right on Fort Douglas Blvd. Follow Fort Douglas Blvd past Officer’s Circle and then turn right onto South Medical Dr, which you will take you up and around the hospital complex. You will follow a small road just below the Huntsman Cancer Institute, through a little bit of construction controlled by a temporary traffic signal, and onto North Medical Dr. You will then turn on Federal Heights Dr.

6. Obey all traffic laws, be aware, and BE SAFE! Check out the Top 10 Ways How Not to Get Hit by a Car While Biking (https://hooleking.com/practice-areas/top-10-ways-how-not-to-get-hit-by-a-car-while-biking/)

**Because this is an unsupported ride with no road closures, we want people to be very cautious while riding, especially down the canyons. For this reason, all prizes will be awarded for speed up, not down, the canyons. Participants are eligible for only one KOM/QOM prize. If they qualify for two or more, they may choose which one they want, and the other prize(s) will be awarded to the next fastest rider. Must complete all five canyons to be eligible for prizes.**

**WARNING: As with all our club rides, this is an unofficial, unsupported ride. There will be no road closures or aid stations. Please obey all traffic laws and arrange for your own support. By participating in the ride, you agree to hold Wheels of Justice, a Utah Nonprofit Corporation, its executive director, board members, and agents, and all other people associated with the ride in any capacity harmless from all liability relating to your participation in the ride, and acknowledge that you knowingly and voluntarily assume full responsibility for all risks of physical injury arising out of your participation in the ride. By participating, you certify that you are in good health and fully capable of safely participating in the ride, which will involve intense and strenuous aerobic exercise.**

$14,000 for 14,000 Feet - Over $5,000 of Prizes!

Help us raise $1 for each of the 14,000 feet we will ascend at Ain’t No Mountain High Enough—even if you’re not riding! Here’s how you can help-and win prizes:

1. Donate at (https://hooleking.com/donate/) and enter the raffle for the following prizes:*
- Tune-up at Flynn Cyclery
- Great Harvest Bread
- Howdy Homemade gift card
- Teeth whitening from Parker Orthodontics
- Bike fit at PLAN7 Endurance Coaching
- Nutrition assessment at PLAN7 Endurance Coaching
- 10x Pass to the House of Watts at PLAN7 Endurance Coaching
- Sharon’s Café Gift Card
- Supersonic Gift Card
- Wheels of Justice socks
- Wheels of Justice water bottles
- Teeth cleaning and examination at Village Dental
- The Dodo gift card
- Log Haven gift card
- Shirts, hats, biking shorts, and other gear from Gear.com

2. Ride! You don’t need to ride all five canyons. Here’s why: every foot counts! Ask someone (or two or three) to donate a penny for each foot of elevation you climb. It all adds up, even if you ride just one canyon. They can send pay their pledge on our website’s (www.wheelsofjusticeutah.org) donate page via credit card, PayPal, or check. (If you’re going to ride, be sure to join the event on our club page, so we know how many people to count on for breakfast.)

3. Buy a kit! There are still kits, socks, and water bottles available at Flynn Cyclery. All proceeds go to help the kids.

*You do not need to donate to enter the raffle. You can enter free of charge by sending an email to gregh@wheelsofjusticeutah.org. Thanks to our generous community partners, we have over $5,000 of prizes to give away at the ride, in the raffle, and at related fundraising activities. THANK YOU!!

Holladay, Utah