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#YOLOmites5000 4.0

7:00 AM Saturday
Meet Up Spot Hotel Ustaria Posta
Race Pace / Mostly Flat

Don't trust the "Terrain" and "Level" details on Strava.

The trusted details about the #YOLOmites5000 are available here:

"If you’d rather not push your bicycle, get covered with mud or suffer a steep downhill off-road trail – yeah, you read it right: “downhill” – then don’t even consider joining!" ~Jered Gruber

#YOLOmites5000 RULES:
1. Read the RULES!

2. It's not a RACE!

3. It's a self-supported event! Be prepared!

4. Download the GPX file and upload it on your GPS device!

5. Your bike must be in top-notch conditions. If you have that strange thought that, as we are riding gravel, you mount some spare old tires ... then stay HOME!!!
Forewarned is forearmed!

6. Playing around with your bike, trying some strange setups the night before is a NO-GO!

7. If you can't make it before a certain time to certain locations you HAVE TO take the shortcuts. Or you end up missing lunch & be back home at night.

7. A fee in order to cover lunch, dinner and swag expenses is due to take part.

8. Weather forecast

9. be continued...

Detailed description from other editions here:

Note: Strava route builder (see below) says there are over 6,000 meters altitude gain. But Strava is US ... and as we know US exaggerate in everything. The total altitude gain is 5,000

Badia, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italia