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Barefoot B.

Barefoot B.

1:36 PM on Thursday, June 14, 2018

Cruzbike in a group of uprights

Not sure the experience of others, but thought I'd share mine. I made a couple of super long videos with detail, but the culmination was that I got a phone call saying that, even though I had never been involved in an accident with the group, they had decided to ban recumbents from the ride for safety. I was welcome to ride my tarmac but not the vendetta and they suggested I should ride it on the other rides, just not this one. I told the ride leader that I understood what he was saying and followed up in person with a good discussion. After that discussion, he agreed that I could ride (they are public roads so, it was never really in question), but that it would be off the front - alone. I told him that was fine. It pushed me in fact to improve my time trialing ability so, it was a blessing in disguise. I trained up and on the next ride I took the KOM for the ride by two minutes solo. Subsequently, I gained some support from people who wanted to be challenged keeping up with me and I'm back to riding with a smaller group off the front. I'm really glad though that I took a stand and kept riding the bike I love most! I'm not the only recumbent rider either, but I keep telling them - one day, these roads will be filled with them!

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