goodnessgravel : Mogo : 75km

7:30 AM Saturday
Meet Up Spot 14 Queen Street Mogo NSW 2536
Tempo / Rolling Hills

Hello Riders - thank you for clicking 'I'm in' on Strava. Please note that you MUST register your entry on our site to confirm your attendance : - thank you - Will

Gravel Fondo : 75km with 1,595m of ascent

Even though this is the ‘shorter’ course, there is STILL no hiding from that second number, 1,595m of ascent. Take your time and settle in to enjoy this course. It is similar to the full course but does not have the top circle of the figure eight.

Riders will still enjoy the amazing countryside and also witness the scars of the recent fires plus experience some good(ness) ‘hurt’ as you ride through this beautiful region.

After all the 130km riders have departed, it is now time for the 75km riders to leave Mogo on Saturday 17 June 2023. As soon as you leave the oval you will be on the gravel and going through the Mogo State Forest. That first segment, more info below, is a good leg burner and will take riders up to the highest point on the ride at 221m above sea-level, it is not until after 11.5km that riders will enjoy their first proper descent.

Once at that crest, riders are heading in a general downward direction as you head to the beautiful Runnyford Bridge (@ ~26km). This part of the world is glorious and wooden bridge over the Buckenbowra River will be a highlight of everyones day.

There is some climbing to be done before you get to the first Rest Stop in Nelligen (@ 38.5km). Here you will find live music, a place to fill your water bottles and grab your drop bag. There will also be first aid, bananas and mechanic to assist if necessary. Please say hello to the volunteers and treat the area with respect when it comes to litter and general behaviour, we thank you.

After Nelligen, this is where the course differs to the 130km. The 75km riders with turn around after the Rest Stop in Nelligen and instantly settle in for the Runnyford Climb, more info below, before crossing the Runnyford Bridge for the second time.

Soon after the bridge, riders will turn right on to Egans Road. It a beautiful to start, going past some ponds and rolling hills then you enter “EGANS ROUGH STUFF”. The entire section of Egans Road is 5.5km and the Rough Stuff is about 2km in length. What will be your plan of attack, slow and steady or no holding back.

Then comes the final true, true climb up Quart Port Road. This has some steep sections, WWW (Will We Walk) on the +10% sections or did you save enough in your tank to pedal to the top? This climb is +4km in length and tops out at 120m above sea-level. It is not all down hill to Mogo but once you are at ~62km you have done most of the hard work. Before you know it you will be right back to where you started from way back around 7:45am that morning.

Registered riders will be emailed the Strava and Ride With GPS link including GPX file the week of the event.

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia