UPDATED Date : goodnessgravel : Gundy 2022 : 75km

7:30 AM Sunday
Meet Up Spot Camp St Gundy NSW
Tempo / Rolling Hills

Confirmed Sunday 4 December 2022.

Hello Riders - thank you for clicking 'I'm in' on Strava. Please note that you MUST register your entry on our site to confirm your attendance : https://goodnessgravel.com - thank you - Will

Gravel Fondo : 75km with 1,640m of ascent 
For those coming along for the ‘shorter’ course, they will still experience plenty of fine riding as you pedal through the Upper Hunter Valley. Please do not forget that number of 1,655m of ascent, take your time and settle in to enjoy this course.
After all the 135km riders have departed from Gundy, it is now time for the 75km riders to leave the Recreation Grounds on Sunday 21 November 2021. Riders start at 242m above sea-level (ASL) and head North. For the first 8km riders will be riding along a lovely stretch of country tarmac before crossing the Isis River and soon after, goodnessgravel awaits. 
Riders are on a 'gentle' climb as you cycle through some magical farm and horse properties.  At 13km riders at the top of the first 'hill' - 369m ASL - then continue to climb all the way up to the 26km mark. Here riders will be 523m ASL (a high point along your course, which you will pass twice during your ride) and enjoy some superb views of the Upper Hunter Valley.
At 29km riders will take a left and head West and across the Isis River (water crossing imminent). There is some climing to up through Green Creek and then it is time for a drink and some nutrition at Rest Stop #1 @ 42km, located at a Local RFS. Here you will find music, a place to fill your water bottles and grab your first drop bag. There will also be first aid, bananas and mechanic to assist if necessary. Please say hello to the volunteers and treat the area with respect when it comes to litter and general behaviour, we thank you. 
From Rest Stop #1, riders will continue on tarmac and then at 43km TURN RIGHT, going a different way to the 135km riders. Riders are now on Waverly Road. Soon you will be riding past a classic Local Community Hall, they have their very own tennis court, you can come back for a game another time. Soon after passing Timor, riders are back on the same gravel road you headed out on earlier that morning.

It is not all down hill for the final +30km back into Gundy. There is still the climb up to the 52km point on the course, riders will be back at 523m ASL and from there, riders can enjoy a more downward descending ride.  Of course everyone's opinion of a hill is different, check out how those last kilometres look on the profile below and before you know it you will be right back to where you started from way back around 7:45am that morning. 
Registered riders will be emailed the Strava and Ride With GPS link including GPX file the week of the event
As mentioned above, this area is not a major city or massively travelled region, most of the course is not Strava-segmented but that does not mean it is void of logged sectors. Here are two from the 75km ride:
Some people will say this is the first place to really test the legs, 'goodnessgravel Gundy leg tester' https://www.strava.com/segments/27584758?filter=overall : Stats Distance 2.54km / Avg Grade 6.3% / Low Elev 366m / High Elev 527m / Elev Diff 161m / Current KOM to be claimed and QOM to be claimed.
Soon after the Rest Stop riders will turn left and be on the 'Timor Road Climb' https://www.strava.com/segments/6119497 : Stats Distance 1.92km / Avg Grade 653% / Low Elev 426m / High Elev 549m / Elev Diff 124m / Current KOM 5:00 and QOM 7:37.

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia