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IW Bikes | Saturday easy/friendship ride (route 6) | Smugglers Haven Tea Gardens, Ventnor

10:00 AM Saturday
Meet Up Spot PO30 5BA
Casual (No-Drop) / Rolling Hills

A gentle no-drop ride designed for cyclists to meet each other and ride together for a social ride. Please note the ride is "un-guided" as I'll be working in the shop. So you might want to download the route to your Garmin, or phone etc. Anyway, the ride starts from the corner of Newport's Quay St. and Sea Street next to the Medina's old Quay and heads out to the Smugglers Haven Tea Gardens at the top of Leeson Road in Ventnor for coffee and cake. Also just a little "Disclaimer Comment":- This is not an organised ride and no liability can be accepted if you encounter an accident or loss of any type if you choose to ride this route whether it be on your own or with any friends. Any questions, please call IW Bikes on 01983 217500 - Enjoy your ride :) and please feel free to give feedback if you have any suggestions to:- | Thank you.

Newport, England, United Kingdom