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United States Rockford, Illinois

Stateline Velo is a group of international riders from N. Illinois and S. Wisconsin (mostly from the Rockford area). We may also be known as 'The School of Medicine Group,' 'The Saturday Breakfast Ride Group,' 'The Sunday Guido Ride Group,' The Monday Night Beer Ride Group,' The Wednesday Night Baumann Park Group,' blah, blah, blah. This is a social riding group with a competitive bent. While most of us are in the 40-60 age range, you'll encounter riders of all ages. New riders are always welcome and if you want to ride or learn to ride in the 'plus 20 mph' zone, you can lean on the experience of the riders in this group. At least half of the riders in this group have been elite level bike racers in the past so don't think that because we're 'old guys' that we can't throw down and put a hurt on guys half our age. Oh, and if you get yelled at, perhaps being called a 'jamoke' or 'chucklehead' on a ride, it merely means you have arrived at a 'teachable moment' so don't be alarmed.


Saturday 9:00* AM - College of Medicine, Parkview Ave., Rockford (20+ mph)
The decades old 'Breakfast Race' as the riders used to stop at Wagon Wheel for breakfast. No food til you finish these days. Some stop at Mary's Market Perryville others go to Mary's Market Edgebrook after the final sprint.
48 miles through Rockton, Roscoe, Caledonia, Belvidere and back to Rockford.

Sunday 9:00* AM - College of Medicine, Parkview Ave., Rockford (16-18 mph)
Dubbed 'The Guido Ride' - The route changes from week to week
A social, conversation paced ride.

Monday 6:00 PM (Daylight Saving) - College of Medicine, Parkview Ave. (18+ mph)
Dubbed 'The Beer Ride' - There may be beer on someone's patio afterward.
A two by two paceline until the last few miles heading back into town when the pace ramps to a final sprint on Rockton Rd, just north of Riverside. 28 miles.

Wednesday 6:00 PM (Daylight Saving) - Baumann Park, Cherry Valley (20+ mph)
This is the mid-week tongue dragger. Bring your 'A' game. Sometimes this one goes like a big team time trial, sometimes it"s an attack, counter attack throw down.
40 miles through Monroe Center, Lindenwood, New Millford and back to Cherry Valley.

Mon-Fri 12:15 PM - Sundstrand Lunch Hour Ride - SW Parking Lot of Sundstrand
Different courses each day. Tuesday is dubbed 'Fast Tuesday'

* Morning rides go at 8:00 AM during Daylight Saving

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