Strava for Android and iPhone.

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The biggest win is getting home safely.


With Beacon, someone's always got your back.

Turn on Beacon and up to three of your friends or family members can track you in real time during your activity. Gone are the days of loved ones wondering if you've stopped for yet another coffee or if you're stranded on the side of the road.

Premium makes Strava even more fun.

Level the playing field with filtered leaderboards.

Not all athletes are made the same. Premium leaderboards let you filter segment rankings based on your weight or age.


Segments go to the next level.

On your mobile or GPS device, on the screen or in your ear, go Premium and get access to Live Segments. Premium athletes get real-time comparisons to their PR or the current KOM/QOM during their favorite segments.

Live Segments

Getting better is up to you, but we think we can help.

Recording Screen
Recording Screen

Put those gadgets to work.

Premium athletes can easily integrate their heart rate monitor or power meter data into their Strava activities – not just for post-activity analysis, but in real time on iPhone or Android.

Race & Workout Analysis

Some efforts are way more important than others – we get it. So when you tag a run as a race or workout, Premium shows you a deep breakdown of lap times, pace zones and splits.

Race & Workout Analysis
Race & Workout Analysis
Race & Workout Analysis

Set custom goals and be your own coach.

Premium athletes can also set goals based on hours or distance per week, or a goal time on your favorite segment. We'll update your progress every time you upload.


Great features today and even more to come.




$7.99/month or $59.99/year

  • Tracking & Uploading

  • All free features

  • Activity Maps

  • Live Feedback

  • Route Builder

  • Real-Time Performance Data

  • Segments

  • Relative Effort

  • Basic Performance Metrics

  • Live Segments

  • Training Log

  • Heart Rate & Power Meter Analysis

  • Kudos & Comments

  • Custom Training Programs

  • Photos

  • Active Friends

  • Clubs

  • Beacon

  • Leaderboards

  • Filtered Leaderboards

  • Challenges

  • Custom Goals

  • Achievements

  • Exclusive Perks and Discounts

  • Premium Support

  • GPX Export/Import