Sao Paulo Cycling Guide


A bike will serve you well in Sao Paulo – traffic here is incredible. Bike lanes are popping up every day, but you should still ride with a purpose and familiarize yourself with the city. It’s massive, with much to discover and challenging terrain just outside the city.

  • Rides per Week 10,796
  • Miles per Week 206,994
Sao Paulo Running Guide

Top Cycling Routes in Sao Paulo

  1. Mauá Maluco

    • Distance 60.1 mi
    • Elevation 5,615 ft

    Within a few minutes you are out of town on this beautiful ride that takes riders above the most important water reservoirs of Sao Paulo. An easy to access road, the landscapes ...

    • Auto Posto Sena Madureira (Ipiranga)
    • Emporio Guatas
    • and 2 more
  2. Volta do Frango

    • Distance 66.3 mi
    • Elevation 5,376 ft

    Exciting, very technical, and a complete workout, Volta do Frango has it all. You'll ride on long avenues through the city and deserted narrow roads, alongside green mountains a...

    • America
    • Br Mania - República do Líbano
    • and 8 more
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  4. Estrada Velha Campinas

    • Distance 79.8 mi
    • Elevation 4,771 ft

    With excellent asphalt quality and picturesque landscapes, Estrada Velha Campinas is full of green vistas. Complete with a good number of easy climbs, this mostly flat route use...

    • America
    • Base Cidade Universitária
    • and 3 more
  5. Pelotão do Jóquei

    • Distance 52.6 mi
    • Elevation 1,955 ft

    Known as the most popular group ride in Sao Paulo, Pelotão do Jockey is the favored training route in the city. A group of local pros and amateurs meet on a weekly basis to ride...

    • Base Cidade Universitária
    • Base Santo Amaro
    • and 3 more
  6. Pico do Jaragua

    • Distance 32.2 mi
    • Elevation 3,910 ft

    Pico do Jaraguá is the highest mountain in Sao Paulo and has been nominated as a world heritage site. Gold has been found on the mountain so keep an eye out for nuggets as you c...

    • Lanchonete Viaduto Nove De Julho
    • Largo Padre Péricles
    • and 3 more
  7. Volta de Cabreúva

    • Distance 112.7 mi
    • Elevation 10,143 ft

    Also known as "Volta do Suco", this route follows Estrada dos Romeiros, a Catholic pilgrimage route. An incredibly beautiful road, you'll follow the Tietê River and soon forget ...

    • Base Villa-Lobos
    • Bicicletário
    • and 4 more
  8. Volta de Jordanésia

    • Distance 61.9 mi
    • Elevation 4,683 ft

    You'll ride along the top two Brazilian highways, Rodovia Anhanguera and Rodovia dos Bandeirantes, on this fast route. With fantastic vistas and a few easy climbs, it's easy to ...

    • Brigada Miguel Bataglia
    • Posto BR
    • and 2 more
  9. Volta da Interligação Anchieta-Imigrantes

    • Distance 57.0 mi
    • Elevation 3,844 ft

    Following Rodovia dos Imigrantes and Rodovia Anchieta, these highways are used to access the seashore. Check the weather forecast before you head out as this route can oftentime...

    • Auto Posto Borssato
    • Ciclofaixa
    • and 2 more