Berlin Running Guide


Winters can be tough, but stick around and you’ll find aesthetic park routes, riverside trails, a dedicated community of runners and a city in the midst of an exciting evolution.

  • Runs per Week 1,204
  • Miles per Week 6,752
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Top Running Routes in Berlin

  1. Volkspark Friedrichshain

    • Distance 3.6 mi
    • Elevation 283 ft

    At 150 years old, Volkspark Friedrichshain, is Berlin's oldest park and a must-go for Berlin runners. The infamous "Märchenbrunnen" at the entrance adds to the park's magical ap...

  2. Tiergarten

    • Distance 4.2 mi
    • Elevation 177 ft

    Tiergarten is Berlin's hotspot for runners and the city's second biggest park. It reminds and inspires all marathon runners about the start and finish of the annual Berlin Marat...

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  4. Tegeler Forst

    • Distance 6.6 mi
    • Elevation 529 ft

    This loop starts out at the pictoresque Schloss Tegel and takes you on a beautiful journey through the Tegeler Forst, along the Tegeler See. There are even some climbs to be cov...

  5. Rohrbruchpark

    • Distance 10.7 mi
    • Elevation 604 ft

    This is a slightly longer run which takes you out into Berlin's North East. The highlight of the route is two thirds in: the Kienberg is worth the climb and rewards with specta...

  6. Sightseeing - Berlin West

    • Distance 8.0 mi
    • Elevation 441 ft

    This route is called "Sightseeing Berlin West" for a reason! This run takes you throughout Berlin's finest neighbourhoods- starting in Charlottenburg, across the University camp...

  7. Schlosspark Charlottenburg

    • Distance 2.3 mi
    • Elevation 105 ft

    Either an extension to the "Sightseeing Berlin West" loop or a stand alone run. The Schlossgarten Charlottenburg is incredibly beautiful, especially in spring, but really all ye...

  8. Am Ufer des Landwehrkanals

    • Distance 4.1 mi
    • Elevation 179 ft

    Starting in the heart of Kreuzberg, this fun loop takes you along the Landwehr Kanal and can easily extended on either side. It is flat, you can run it fast and it is a year aro...