Paris Cycling Guide


Think like a Parisian and you’ll do well here: Start rides at your local bistro (likely on the ground floor of a Haussmanian building), race out the Paris Basin into the calm and charming countryside, stop at boulangeries as needed, then go straight home and resume your day, as if this exceptional cycling city is completely normal.

  • Rides per Week 7,206
  • Miles per Week 160,947
Paris Running Guide

Top Cycling Routes in Paris

  1. Boucle Ouest Parisienne

    • Distance 55.4 mi
    • Elevation 3,965 ft

    This route's got it all. Flat, hilly, forests, rivers — anything you need to enjoy a great ride without to going too far from Paris.

    • 58 Tour Eiffel
    • Bicycle store
    • and 3 more
  2. Crochet de Thoiry par la forêt de Marly-le-Roi

    • Distance 86.5 mi
    • Elevation 5,850 ft

    Test your legs on some challenging climbs on your way out of the Parisian basin and enjoying the crossing of the Marly-le-Roi forest on your way to Thoiry. Afterward, enjoy the ...

    • 58 Tour Eiffel
    • Cafe Panis
    • and 2 more
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  4. Anneau de Longchamp

    • Distance 10.6 mi
    • Elevation 813 ft

    Longchamp is the place to go if you don't have time to get too far outside of the city. The loop is under 4 kilometers long and can be used for intense training sessions. Be pre...

    • La Grande Cascade
  5. Polygone de Vincennes

    • Distance 11.0 mi
    • Elevation 622 ft

    The Polygone in Vincennes is the slightly shorter and narrower eastern version of the Longchamp ring in the west of Paris. It's a great place for focused training and group rides.

    • Circuit cycliste de Vincennes
    • Lac de Saint-Mandé
    • and 2 more
  6. Paris - Fontainebleau - Paris

    • Distance 104.9 mi
    • Elevation 4,851 ft

    Here's a challenging quest for green in the Île-de-France area. You will cross various well known forests, the biggest of them all being the one of Fontainebleau.

    • Jardins de l'Arsenal
    • La Boulangerie Tolbiac
    • and 2 more
  7. Longue chevreuse

    • Distance 118.4 mi
    • Elevation 7,669 ft

    This is a pretty tough one, so keep your effort under control and pack plenty of calories before you set out. This ride will take right into the forest of Rambouillet, through V...

    • Café La Chaumière
    • L'Ermitage
    • and 2 more
  8. La vallée de L'Oise

    • Distance 113.4 mi
    • Elevation 6,079 ft

    The goal of this ride is to through the Oise Regional Nature Reserve. It's a long one, but well worth the investment — you'll by historic chateaus and through picturesque French...

  9. Vallée de Chevreuse

    • Distance 87.8 mi
    • Elevation 6,378 ft

    This route out of Paris and to the southwest is a treat for the eyes and a challenge for the legs.

    • Café de la Poste
    • Café La Chaumière
    • and 3 more
  10. Entre Seine et Marne

    • Distance 37.9 mi
    • Elevation 2,038 ft

    Enjoy a long cruise along the Seine River, and then along the Marne river. Things will get a bit more serious once you reach Chennevières-sur-Marne; you'll climb the rue Casenav...

    • Giant
    • La Bicyclette
    • La Boulangerie Tolbiac
  11. Introduction au Vexin

    • Distance 71.8 mi
    • Elevation 5,507 ft

    This is an introduction to the Vexin Regional Nature Reserve. The ride will lead you out of the capital city without getting too far in the Vexin but enough for a first experien...

    • L'échappée belle