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Suburban to Sai Kung

Starting in one of the many nondescript new towns north of Kowloon this route takes you towards Sai Kung country park for a bit of peace and quiet but not before a detour to one of Hong Kong's classic climbs, often used for an ITT. At the top on a clear day you'll be rewarded with great views south across Kowloon with HK Island's skyline behind. Catch your breath and snap away with your camera. Careful on the descent, it's popular with early morning walkers and once back in the trees it feels like you're always on the brakes. As you go down, the apartment blocks visible to your right give you a sense of how much further you have to descend although your forearms may not thank you to know you still have the equivalent of a 30 story building to go! From the bottom, you loop back around and retrace your path briefly before turning onto Hiram's Highway and head towards Sai Kung fishing village. Here you can find plenty of refreshment stops. As you head into the country park, the traffic drops to just a few buses, residents cars, cyclists, deer and cows.

Itinéraire organisé par Strava

  • Distance72,5 km
  • Altitude2 422 m
  • Type de sortie à véloRoute

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