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Hong Kong is all about climbing and this ride covers just about every nasty climb you can think off. Starting with a warm up, climb from the MTR station past the entrance to Tai Mo Shan country park which forms the top parts of HK's only true long climb at 880m. Hopefully the guard at the barrier near the top part will allow you through to finish the climb; access for cyclists can be sporadic at times. Don't let that put you off trying though as the suffering comes before the top section. Prepare for a long descent before more climbing and heading north passing though many New Territories towns. Try not to get too frustrated with the countless number of traffic lights in these places and keep and eye on your GPS to navigate you to the carefully selected spoke popping climbs, with pitches of 20%-25%. The route doesn't have any standout places to eat or drink other than the kiosk at the bottom of TMS Country Park for warm drinks after a cold descent or visa versa in the summer. This ride is all about the climbs and eating on the bike but with 7 Elevens seemingly every 200m in HK, running empty is never a possibility.

Strava Curated Route

  • Distance81.9 mi
  • Elevation15,299 ft
  • Ride TypeRoad

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