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'The Twins' - Stairway to Heaven, Step to Hell

Don't be fooled by the slight elevation gain of 210m over this almost 5km route - almost all of that climbing is done on stairs - over 1,200 of them to be exact! Starting near the residential development of Parkview, where food and drink are available to buy, the entrance to this route is just down the hill from the small car park, and marked by a Country Parks information board. The stairs begin your ascent to the Wilson Trail section 1 in reverse. Once you have topped out at Violet Hill you'll begin your descent to the saddle. On your left, views out towards Tai Tam reservoir and the dam, and on the right a glimpse of life on the south side of the island - beaches and the sparkling calm waters of secluded bays. The first long set of stairs gives way to some technical downhill trail before another, final set takes to you the top of the second 'Twin' and a gutsy descent down to the main road.

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  • Расстояние4,7 км
  • Подъем210 м
  • Тип забегаМаршрут

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