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The Best of the Beaches

If you want to see the wild and beautiful side of Hong Kong that few visitors ever do, this challenging 24km run around the High Island Reservoir and pristine coastal beaches of Sai Kung will only serve to whet your appetite for more adventure! Starting in Pak Tam Chung (a short taxi ride from Sai Kung town) and following sections 1 and 2 of the MacLehose trail, you can shorten the run to 14km and cut out the first 10km of undulating road by taking a taxi all the way to the end of the dam. From there it's just a couple of kilometers to the first stunning views around Long Ke Wan, before a challenging climb up the next headland drops you down into more wonderfully secluded beaches, the views getting better with each turn. The next sections involve a bit more concrete as you hug the coast through old abandoned villages before turning inland to Pak Tam Au, the end of section 2.

Itinéraire organisé par Strava

  • Distance24,2 km
  • Altitude720 m
  • Type de course à piedChemin

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