Milan Cycling Guide


The birthplace of Bianchi. Mix it up with the devout tifosi and local cyclists on the challenging climbs often featured in the Giro di Lombardia.

  • 1,787 Rides per Week
  • 56,400 Miles per Week
Milan Running Guide

Top Cycling Routes in Milan

  1. Milano Pian dei Resinelli

    • 100.5 mi Distance
    • 9,843 ft Elevation

    Milanese cyclists looking for a long ride will often head out this way. It's flat in the beginning, but you'll eventually find hills and wind that will turn this epic into a rea...

    • Baristopizza 2184
    • caprices
    • and 2 more
  2. Exploring Lombardy

    • 40.4 mi Distance
    • 912 ft Elevation

    Though many cyclists flock to the hills north of Milan, there's plenty of great cycling in other directions. Take this loop to the southeast, for example. You'll be feel like yo...

  3. Ghisallo con Valbrona

    • 87.1 mi Distance
    • 6,518 ft Elevation

    Many Milanese cyclists make a pilgrimage to the hallowed ground of the Santuario della Madonna Del Ghisallo. Ghisallo Mountain itself is legendary, and the shrine, dedicated to ...

    • Belvedere Ghisallo
    • Caffe 88
    • and 2 more
  4. Giro Manetta

    • 53.8 mi Distance
    • 1,520 ft Elevation

    Looking for a bit more variety? This is a very popular route that explores the southwestern reaches of Milan and beyond.

  5. Ciclibile Abbiategrasso

    • 27.9 mi Distance
    • 722 ft Elevation

    This is a classic Milanese route; a flat cruise that mostly sticks to bike path. It's a great way to get out of MIlan without having to deal with cars or traffic, and pedaling a...

  6. Cassano d'Adda

    • 36.3 mi Distance
    • 772 ft Elevation

    This eastbound route will take you from Milan to the quiet suburb of Cassano d'Adda. You'll swing by the Centro Sportivo Comunale, a large recreational space, several football p...

    • Alex Bar tabacchi - Cernusco
    • Arigoni
  7. Alpe Del vicerè

    • 75.4 mi Distance
    • 6,728 ft Elevation

    Head north of Milan to to find hills and countryside. Don't miss the Muro di Sormano, a hill located in Sormano, a famous climb featuring average gradient of 17% and a maximum o...

    • Caffe 88
    • Locanda del Vicerè
    • and 2 more
  8. Mangia e Bevi con Vergano e Bevera di Sirtori

    • 70.1 mi Distance
    • 3,987 ft Elevation

    Another classic Brianza ride, with classic little hills that will put the hurt on. The region's a lot like Tuscany, only with little towns sprinkled throughout where you can eas...

    • C-Colzani
    • caprices
    • and 2 more